New York City

Panthère de Cartier

Over the weekend I got to attend the launch party of the Panthère de Cartier watch. Since I was a little girl Cartier has always represented something special and magical to me. It’s more than just a piece of jewelry it’s a sign of sophistication, luxury, and timeless elegance. A true investment piece that will always be worth the splurge! Every woman deserves something special from Cartier to wear everyday as a way to speak to the world who she is. “A truly wild animal, the Panther is more than a mere symbol for Cartier. It is a timeless icon that…

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Summer Must Haves:

Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge at Sunset

“Into the wild I go… losing myself and finding my soul.” My oh my… the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset is probably one of the most magical and soul sparking things I have ever seen. What is life after all if we don’t live it to the fullest?? Why stay in one place all your life and live a life full of comfort? For most the answer is simple: because it’s safe. Well I think safe is boring and quite frankly a waste of human life. We should always be growing, learning, and striving to be better. If we never take risks,…

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Must-Have Summer Shoes


Asymmetrical Skirt & Buckle Sandals

I love this asymmetrical skirt I got from Zara a while ago. I paired it with this cropped knot t-shirt, heeled buckle sandals from Dolce Vita, and a pair of oversized black sunglasses. Summertime in New York City is like no other. NYC is always lively but even more once it warms up. There’s so much going on in city that you never want to spend a minute at home. From outdoor cafes to rooftop lounges, the possibilities never end! This is time of the year is when we have the best weather before it gets incredibly humid and you can’t…

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Clearwater, Florida

Travel Diaries: Clearwater, Florida

A couple of weeks ago I went on a short but much needed mini vacation to Clearwater, Florida. Clearwater is a city in the Tampa Bay area that includes a long stretch of white sandy beaches and clean blue water. For several years in a row Clearwater Beach has been named one of the best beaches in the U.S. by Trip Advisor! Living in New York has made Florida a fast getaway somewhere warm but after going to Miami several times I wanted to try something new and instead decided to visit Clearwater. Never being there I was in for a…

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Empire State Building, NYC

Spring Outfit: Yellow Dress & Denim Jacket

Spring has officially sprung! The weather in NYC right now is the best because it’s still warm outside without the horrible and inescapable humidity we get during the summer months. This spring outfit is very different than what I’d normally wear because as you may have already noted… I’m not wearing all black. I know, I’m just as shocked myself. Half the reason why I still feel comfortable in this look even though it’s lacking any black is because this yellow crochet dress from J. Mendel’s latest collection is so beautifully designed. The details on it are amazing. And to be honest, I don’t…

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