It’s All About These Osman Ruffle Pants During NYFW

If you’ve been following me around NYFW on Instagram and Snapchat (gerganaaivanova) you know by now how much I love these ruffled pants by Osman. They’re versatile but also eye-catching making them a perfect hit for any fashion gal and street style photographer. I wore this look on the third day of NYFW and it probably has been one of my favorite looks thus far. The beaded strapless top I’m wearing here is actually a mini dress from Leanne Marshall that I just tucked into the pants making it look like a bodysuit. Fashion is all about getting creative and thinking outside…

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Spring Must Haves:

Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

To Real Friends, Till The Reel Ends.

To real friends, till the reel ends. Kanye couldn’t have said it any better. What would life be without that one friend that’s always got your back? That one real friend that is willing to stay up till 5 am listening to you talk about your guy problems, will finish a whole bottle of wine with you and watch Netflix all night, and never says no to going shopping? We all need that one best friend. This angel face has been my best friend since middle school and we’ve been inseparable since. I remember us meeting on the school bus one…

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Must-Have Shoes ATM

New York City

What 2016 Has Thought Me

What 2016 has thought me??? I’ve learned a lot this year. I’ve learned to let go of what’s not meant to be mine, to accept uncertainty, to trust my gut, to listen more than I speak, to love even those that don’t deserve my love, and to work every single day towards building the life and career I want. You have this one life, how do you want to spend it?? I want to be happy, to take risks, to live life wholeheartedly, to love till I can’t love no more, to believe in the unimaginable, to smile at everyone even if…

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The Ultimate Holiday Shopping Guide

It’s that time of the year again… Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and just any shopaholics favorite holiday season because sales, sales, sales. Some of the hottest and most coveted pieces are discounted right now. Unlike before you don’t need to wait till after Thanksgiving to get the best deals, they’re going on right now. There’s nothing like a good sale to give you a reason to shop, we’re all guilty.  I’ve compiled some of the hottest items on sale right now, including some amazing discount codes. So go ahead and get to shopping! (I’m also going to be updating this list throughout November…

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Simon Malls

I Got to Hangout with Rachel Zoe!

YES, I got to personally meet and talk to one of the biggest boss babes out there, Rachel Zoe. She’s the ultimate example of a strong and hard working business woman that never took no for an answer. Not only is she a wife and a mother, but she’s also a celebrity stylist who turned her whole career into a coveted fashion brand. What I admire most about Rachel is her confidence in who she is and what she has to offer. She knows what she stands for and she clearly voices it behind her brand and company, which is incredibly chic and posh…

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